Gardens For All

With all the uncertainty today one thing is always constant, our need for food.

If we could take our local yards,fields and otherwise unused spaces and turn them into healthy attractive food producers we will ALL benefit.

A simple 10' x 10' space can produce over $1,000 worth of food for a very low cost. Providing an abundance of safe healthy flavorful locally produced nutritional goodness. A few fruit and nut trees can provide for all that live near.

To know where and how are food is produced is a level of security and peace of mind that carries over through every other part of being community. By producing it locally ourselves we save many costs and reduce pollution by less shipping of products.

By helping each other we can create gardens easier and help guarantee that first time gardeners can obtain the same results as seasoned pros.Once again we also save a lot of money . It is easier for many of us these days to give some time as help than to give money out of pocket.

If a person is able they are asked to donate food and labor back into the group for the help they receive. In this way we have food to help others with and we always have people willing to make a job go faster and easier.

If you want to learn more check out these links.

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