The Help and Hope Group is a collection of patients, growers and caregivers that have one thing in common. They all are registered with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. Other than that we are all very diverse people coming together to create hope by providing help.

One of our founding members has used marijuana medicinally since they were 13 years old. It was prescribed to them by a doctor from Sweden that had just moved to the U.S.A. He told the person and their parents that if they could get any marijuana that it would be much safer and more effective than the pills he could legally prescribe. The patient was born with spina bifada,lack of 4 vertebrae in the lower back. The pot worked and for the last 37 years it has kept them out of the hospital for the most part and off of things like oxycodone and allows them enough relief to stay alive.

We will try to help anyone with a current OMMP registration. We do not discriminate in any way. We provide scholarships to students that cannot afford to donate. We help many kinds of people. Discretion First - Privacy Guaranteed is one of our rules. Anyone we help can be assured that their privacy is SAFE with us. We even offer One on One help for people to feel safer. We know that there shouldn't be a stigma against using marijuana as a medicine but it still carries the taint of the past lies about it's dangers and no value medically. Thank goodness it is becoming more clear to the main stream that it not only isn't dangerous but that it is actually very functional as a medicine for many conditions. This however creates the need for secrecy because your neighbor or coworker may think less of you- I.E. the stoned out pothead - so it has to be kept quiet. Unfortunate truth we understand here well. So if you are a cop, D.A., lawyer,doctor, Indian chief, or whatever your secrets are safe with us. We don't care who you are, if you qualify for and register with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program we will try and help you with your situation and we won't compromise your position in life by doing it. Discretion First - Privacy Assured!

We are a public benefit non profit incorporated with the State of Oregon and registered with the Oregon Attorney Generals office on charities.

Help and Hope Group hold classes for historical value on the use of marijuana as a medicine and its cultivation. Classes are team created to provide as large a base of actual life experience as is humanly possible. We do not advocate breaking any State or Federal laws.

Help and Hope Groups Basic Mission Statement

People give us money to help.

We give people money for research and development projects to help.

We educate people to help.

We do not sell or trade anything illegal.

All donations of money are in full compliance with both the Oregon Attorney Generals office and with the Oregon Secretary of State regarding registration of charities. We pay both State and Federal Tax as we are currently not tax excempt.

Help and Hope Group assists OMMP participants to make better use of the program by providing direct support through social networking, education, research and development.

A main goal of the Help and Hope Group is to be a good example of the OMMP working easily, safely and responsibly for the OMMP cardholders and the rest of the population of Oregon to help create a stronger safer community for all to enjoy.

Discretion First - Privacy Guaranteed

Any questions please feel free to contact us.


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